In my chair…a make-up artists perspective on beauty

Eva DeVirgilis is an actresses, and for the past 7 years a make-up artist.

This video filmed at the TEDx conference in Richmond, VA is an interesting and inspiring watch as DeVirgilis shares what she has observed women saying in her make-up chair.

Eva DeVirgilis
Eva DeVirgilis in character

I’m getting married next year and am due my make-up trial for it, my first thoughts are what I’m going to say about my face to my make up artist as to what my problems are and how I am sorry for them because of the work involved to cover them and look at them:

“I have really dark circles under my eyes….”

“For some reason I have worse skin now than when I was a teenager, it can be really difficult to cover my collection of pimples”

“Oh and the lines on my forehead, those are just deep crevice wrinkles waiting to happen”

“God don’t let us forget my eyebrows either, they need filling in otherwise I look really odd”

Well, this video makes you realise, actually you aren’t the only one worrying, and perhaps we need to be kinder to ourselves. Just reading those bits back about myself makes me feel like shit about myself. It makes me feel shit that those things exist, and it also makes me feel shit that I’m moaning about something SO trivial.

Actually, I’m lucky I don’t have scars from an accident, I’m lucky my body isn’t riddled with cancer, I’m lucky I have all my limbs, I’m lucky I am of sound mind (for the most part). So, with this in mind, I might say to my make-up artist:

‘Let’s do this and make me look even more fucking fabulous than I do without it’.